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Science-fiction shooter video game that juxtaposes small vs. giant, natural vs. industrial, man vs. robot.

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original title: Titanfall

genge: Action,Sci-Fi,War


imdb: 8.7




keywords: xboxone, xbox360, firstpersonshooter, microsoftwindows, civilwar, wallrunning, gore, multiplayer, mecha

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Science-fiction shooter video game that juxtaposes small vs. giant, natural vs. industrial, man vs. robot. Titanfall is ,to put it simply, an excellent experience.

The gameplay is just brilliant, as a pilot you're agile and fast, it's very reminiscent of other twitch-shooters, but with parkour elements added in. But, as a titan you're slow and lumbering. The titans are incredibly fun to use, as their is a definite weight and power to them which adds excellent contrast between playing as a pilot and a titan. The shooting itself is very good also, and creates a very high-octane experience. The maps are very well designed, and the game modes, whilst being nothing innovative, are great and suit the game well.

It is not perfect though. There does seem to be a lack of content at the moment, with only a few weapons and limited customization for each and I would of preferred a little more than 15 base maps as this is an online only game. The online campaign is also pretty bad and serves no real purpose.

But on the whole I'll say titanfall is a very,very solid and refreshing addition to the currently drab and dull expanse of FPS games. I'd recommend it to anyone who is getting bored of the standard FPS formula but still desires high octane action.

definitely worth the money :)

(I played titanfall on the xbox one so I can't guarantee it'll be as good in the 360) I was going to give this title an 8 out of 10. However, I dropped it two points because it doesn't include a single-player campaign mode and it also doesn't include any way to play against someone else over a local network (cross-wired connection of two consoles, for example).

In fact, Titanfall won't even allow you to start the game on a console unless you have both an active internet connection and a paid-up XBOX live account. This alone is a disappointment and a terrible foreshadowing of what the future of gaming is likely to be. That's right -- the game that you paid for is only good to you as long as you keep paying for additional services to enable said game.

Now that I've railed on the unfortunate decisions that a committee arrived at, I'll talk about the good aspects of the game.

Titanfall builds on the best aspects of multiplayer first-person shooters. And, more importantly, it builds on the successful aspects of games like MechWarrior, MechAssault, and GunGriffon: Allied Strike. The latter is what is of most interest to me, since nothing beats a really god mech combat game.

At first I thought the mech combat would be simply superficial (like in games like Armored Core). However, it turns out that Titanfall's mech combat is excellent and has the added depth of allowing players to latch onto opponents' mechs and sabotage them. Additionally, you can leave your mech and command it to follow you. While it follows you, its A.I. will continue to annihilate enemy targets. Multiple mech types are available, and they can be upgraded as the game proceeds.

Although running around as a ground soldier is not my thing, I have to give kudos to the refinements in this game that alleviate some of the death, respawn, death speed-cycle behavior that you see in other Call of Duty/Battlefield-type games. Once you get your bearings and play as the tutorial instructs you to, you can stay in the game longer without being offed. The mechs also help extend uninterrupted game play and they make for a change-up in the style of fighting. Alternating between ground combat and mech combat makes for a nice balance. And you can be certain that mech combat is far and away superior to simply jumping into a Halo Jeep or a simple flying machine like you see in other similar games.

Titanfall is an evolution of the first-person combat genre and it clearly illustrates the advantages that mechs have over tanks and infantry.

This game is fun and well worth picking up. Most surprising is how very close the XBOX 360 version is to that of the XBOX One.

In short, this game is highly recommended.

As a closing note to current and future software developers: Be sure not to make the mistake that Titanfall made. Instead, make your game future-proof and allow players to game off-line or using a local network. Mech Assault's cross-wired connection between two consoles with the two human players teaming up to fight computer A.I. mechs is a good example. That plus a level editor and you'd be presenting the world with a near-perfect mech-combat experience.


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The fifteen teams now travel to Iceland. They first speak to a goose lady in a foreign language and then either eat BBQ dinner or look for fossils in a cave. The goths surprisingly win, and...

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The fifteen teams now travel to Iceland. They first speak to a goose lady in a foreign language and then either eat BBQ dinner or look for fossils in a cave. The goths surprisingly win, and the vegans get last place, but since this is a non-elimination leg, they were spared for another episode, but with a penalty.


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The world of the Vikings is brought to life through the journey of Ragnar Lothbrok, the first Viking to emerge from Norse legend and onto the pages of history - a man on the edge of myth.

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original title: Vikings

genge: Action,Adventure,Drama,History,Romance,War


imdb: 9.5

duration: 44min

tags: The Storm Is Coming


keywords: viking, brotherbrotherrelationship, king, hero, nudity, swordandshield, sexscene, legend, warrior, barechestedmale, familyrelationships, battle, norsegod, mythologicalcharacter, valhalla, raid, saxon,

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The world of the Vikings is brought to life through the journey of Ragnar Lothbrok, the first Viking to emerge from Norse legend and onto the pages of history - a man on the edge of myth. The story of Ragnar Lothbrok who, in the 9th century, rises from simple farmer to King of the Vikings. Along the way he deals with internal crises, family issues and foreign foes, and discovers a few new lands. It is clear that the writers of this show knew nothing about the old Viking society or it's rules. It's not for nothing that the first true democracy was established in Iceland where every free man had his vote. What the show depicts is a Stalinistic take on that society which is completely wrong. A ruler like the earl would reign for about a week before he was chopped to bits. I guess it's done that way for the drama but then name the show something else because it has nothing to do with what life was like when every man that was not a slave was a free man entitled is own opinions in that time in that place. Killing a smith (influencial people then because a sword could be worth more than 20 cows or an entire farm) because he made an anchor? Really? This is an excellent movie depicting capitalism at it's best. But let me explain. Some guys make a joint venture that basically strips some unfortunate people from foreign countries out of their resources and/or lives. However, the business is not going so well as resources become scarce in the areas that the company operates.

Therefore, one of the employees decides to take fate is his own hands and open his own company in direct competition with the main company. So the employee decides to operate in an area interdicted by the main company's CEO, who apparently is also lacking vision on the matter.

Because the new area of operations is already full of marketing brainwashed people who give away their possessions to a company that promises a brighter future and is very easy to take over, things go excellent for the small company.

That does not go without peril though, as the CEO (lord) is not happy with small guys making a killing for themselves and decides to take legal action against the smaller enterprise.

Now the small enterprise that went rogue from the main company loses most of its resources through legal action and the poor chap owning the small company is even compelled into hiring his own wife to help out with the work.

Since the small company is making a killing again, the big company's CEO decides to pursue the smaller company's ventures and create a merger with the smaller company.

Now I don't know yet what happens further because I only saw 3 episodes, but I'm quite sure capitalism triumphs in the end so I'm gonna watch this with great joy and passion. This is common in English-speaking produced movies and TV shows. Generally the characters speak English when they are talking among themselves. But it's implied they are still speaking their native tongue. The Vikings are generally speaking Icelandic since it is the language closest to Old Norse, the language of the Vikings. They also use some words from Swedish and Danish, though we *hear* it as English. When speaking with foreign characters, such as characters from England, they speak in Icelandic and we see subtitles. This is to show the English characters can't understand them.

Where it gets confusing to some viewers is that the English characters are often speaking Old English when among the Vikings, which can sound very similar to Swedish to an untrained ear. The acting takes place around a lake in Wicklow, Ireland, but some additional photography was taken in Western Norway. Aslaug shows up with her huge dog in the Episode "All Change" S01E09.


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Mobster and hit man Jimmy Conlon has one night to figure out where his loyalties lie: with his estranged son, Mike, whose life is in danger, or his longtime best friend, mob boss Shawn Maguire, who wa

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original title: Run All Night

genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller


imdb: 7

duration: 1h 54min

tags: No sin goes unpunished.

budget: $50,000,000

keywords: redemption, fathersonestrangement, albanian, limousine, death, onenight, limousinedriver, drugdealer, corruptcop, alcoholic, mobboss, boxer, christmas, police, revenge, hitman, seeingfatherdie, bloods

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Jimmy Conlon, the ageing Irish-American mob enforcer for the crime kingpin, Shawn Maguire, is now reduced to a penniless and remorseful alcoholic whose estranged son, Mike, wants nothing to do with him. However, when Danny becomes the target of the ruthless boss' henchmen, Jimmy, the once infamous "Gravedigger", will be forced back into action to protect his son and his family. Under those circumstances, with every mobster and every cop in the city after both father and son, inevitably, it is going to be one endless, and above all, blood-drenched night. What chances do Jimmy and Mike have to make it out alive? In New York, the decadent alcoholic Jimmy Conlon is the former hit man known as Gravedigger. Jimmy is a lonely man and his only friend is the mobster Sean Maguire that was also his boss. Jimmy's estranged son Mike Conlon is a former boxer that works as limousine driver and is married with children. Sean's son Danny Maguire is an ambitious troublemaker. On the Christmas Day, Danny deals with Albanian drug dealers but Sean refuses to participate. Danny schedules a meeting with the men at home to give the money he had received back. Mike coincidently drives the two Albanian in the limousine and Danny kills them in his house. Then he hunts Mike down since he does not want eyewitnesses for what he did. Jimmy goes to Mike's house and saves his life killing Danny. Now Sean seeks revenge and puts a contract on Jimmy and Mike that are hunted down along the night by the mobsters, the hired hit man and the corrupt police officers. Sean does not want a deal and Jimmy's only chance to protect Mike and his family is the support of the honest Detective Harding that has been on his tail for many years. Liam Neeson proves he is one of the best action heroes for his age. As really he just keeps getting and better. He plays a aging hit man who is estranged from his son Mike, a man who boxes and plays limo driver with a wife and two kids.

As he is running on borrowed time and doesn't care if he lives or dies, Liam that is. He is an old pal of Ed Harris. Who is a mobster. As Harris son is in illegal dealings. And when his son is shot, Mike is blamed while he was trying to help out some clients over as a driver.

That is when Liam comes to his son's rescue. And despite the bad blood between them, they have to put aside their differences and work together in order to escape Harris as he puts out a hit on Mike.

Title is that because they have to get out of this alive as Harris hit men are after them and will not stop.

Neeson and Harris play off well with one another. But how it will go down you will have to see! Pretty entertaining action flick with a fast paced narration. A typical Liam Neeson's movie. Take a gun and go hunt down the bad guys or protect loved ones from them kind of movie. Under his league, like always he was awesome. This has been a already heard story, like a trivia say. Yes, it was similar to 'Road to Perdition', but happens for a different reason and with the different cast. Still the movie was better that I expected.

I went speechless when I saw Neeson was begging in the opening scene. Because that's not his style, action heroes like him, Jason Statham, Bruce Willis et cetera, they don't fit in those roles. But what came just a few minutes later was like switching to second, third, fourth and fifth gear in a quick session. You know you can't judge a book by its cover, same applies for this as well. The film was good, I mean better than average, better than ratings and reviews across the web.

It was kind of unofficial 'A Man with a Gun' trilogy (I made it up) after 'Unknown' and 'Non-stop'. Because if you check it out all these three film's posters, Neeson will be seen with a gun in the similar fashion. Hope this director and actor comes together to do more movies in the future, since it is a rocking combo. Well, they all might not be the masterpieces, but enjoyable at the time of the watch. Especially it will not disappoint Neeson's fans.

7/10 Even though he never gets a grip on the over-complicated plot, the director hasnt lost his knack for those elemental qualities that make a good action flick.


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This thriller series focuses on an anti-terrorist unit agent named Jai Singh Rathod who has twenty-four hours to save the country from a major terrorist attack.

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original title: 24: India

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This thriller series focuses on an anti-terrorist unit agent named Jai Singh Rathod who has twenty-four hours to save the country from a major terrorist attack. A show like 24 has never been aired in India till date . It is one of a kind and surely people will need some time getting adjusted to it . The whole idea of telling a story in a 24 hour real time period is quite new to the Indian audience . The style of filming and pacing is what hooks us to watch it . Though the show is based on the English TV series 24 which lasted for 8 years , it would not be unfair to compare the two . However being a big fan of the original one for almost 8 years i must really admit that the first episode of "our" version hooked me right into it and one can find plenty of similarities to the original such as the opening sequence , the split screens , the sound of the clock ticking etc. Coming to the performances everyone did a pretty good job and their dialog was also pretty decent and realistic . The portrayal of Anil Kapoor as Jaysingh Rathore -a troubled,frustrated,patriotic family man and a soldier was well done ,so there's that .Thus the first episode was quite satisfying , but will the rest of the episodes to follow have equally satisfying material ? only time will tell ......

Tick tock,Tick tock,Tick tock,Tick tock...... I am a big fan of TV dramas, and a long time fan of Jack Bauer's 24. So when I heard that there was going to be an Indian adaptation, I was filled with anticipation.

Fortunately, Colors TV's 24 did not disappoint, as could easily have happened in an Indian show (yes, there is some bias coming through for Indian TV here!). It is a faithful homage to the original series, right down to the ATU set and the way the agents speak. "Listen up, everyone!"

Yes it's too pat at times, but so was the original. One can hardly get from place to place in Mumbai in 5 minutes, or even 30, or even 120; but the characters here easily manage that, just like they did in LA. A character is freshly shaven after 9 hours into the show, though one guesses that he must have shaved 24 hours earlier at best. Situations move exactly the way it is convenient for the story.

In the end, the narration is taut, the suspense is continuing and the episodes end with me being unable to wait for the next one.

What else can one ask for in a TV drama?


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Panunukso Download Di Film Interi In Hd

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original title: Panunukso

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Una Promesa Cumplida Full Movie In Italian 720p

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original title: Una promesa cumplida

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Steve Goldstein, office ninja, struggles to find romance and true love in New York's difficult dating scene as he negotiates dealing with his 30th birthday.

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original title: Lonely Dragon

genge: Short,Action,Comedy



duration: 8min



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鏤Steve Goldstein, office ninja, lotta per trovare il romanticismo e il vero amore nella difficile scena di appuntamenti di New York mentre negozia per il suo trentesimo compleanno. 鏤Parti uguali e "Office Space", Ed Burns e Sho Kosugi, & quot; Lonely Dragon & quot; 竪 un cortometraggio ispirato e sbarazzino da non perdere!

Questo pluripremiato ingresso al recente 48 ore del New York Film Festival, "Lonely Dragon & quot;

Sotto l'abile direzione del nuovo arrivato Alexander Kontoleon, il pluripremiato team di sceneggiatori ha realizzato un esilarante e stranamente toccante ritratto dei pericoli di un ninja di 30 anni in cerca di amore nella grande citt mentre negozia la monotonia schiacciante della vita d'ufficio.

Grazie a tutti coloro che hanno lavorato nel team di produzione hanno rovinato questa piccola gemma in sole 48 ore.


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The Raging Cannibal

The Raging Cannibal

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The discovery of a dead ultimate fighter in The Everglades leads CSI to a case involving extortion and a fight club owned by the Russian mob.

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original title: Raging Cannibal

genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Mystery,Thriller



duration: 55min



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鏤Morendo da pugnalate allo stomaco, il combattente estremo russo Vince Koslov inciampa nel dipendente del servizio forestale Daniel Nash. Koslov ha staccato un tatuaggio dal suo presunto bersaglio, lo scassinatore russo Andrew Brodsky, che 竪 stato trovato dissanguato ma non ha toccato il coltello mortale. Il coltello traccia il venditore di attrezzatura subacquea Greg Donner, che lo vendette alla ragazza di Brodsky, Cassandra Gray. Confessa falsamente l'accoltellamento, apparentemente sotto la minaccia di una minaccia di morte da parte della folla russa. Horatio crede che il fight club di Ivan Sarnoff sia in realt un programma di addestramento killer russo. Trova nel club il sangue del proprietario di yacht corrotto Nathan Madden, scomparso da due anni, secondo la moglie Susan. Ma come si lega tutto? La scoperta di un ultimo combattente morto in The Everglades porta CSI a un caso che coinvolge l'estorsione e un fight club di propriet della mafia russa. 鏤Dopo questo episodio, posso vedere che ci sar pi湛 di questa storia perch辿 il grande "cattivo" & quot; non 竪 preso e Horatio dice, & quot; Ho intenzione di prenderti, Ivan, & quot; alla fine.

& quot; Ivan & quot; 竪 (non troppo difficile da capire) il capo di una banda russa locale. A proposito, qualunque cosa sia successa alla folla pi湛 famosa: la mafia? Come mai non vedi mai che in questi spettacoli CSI, solo la folla russa? Basta chiedere.

Ad ogni modo, il CSI deve scoprire diversi omicidi qui, che sono iniziati in un club di boxe e si sono conclusi in un'area remota dell'Everglades. In uno dei morti, un uomo ha morso l'arteria carotide dell'altro ragazzo.

Nota: questo programma ha sempre una sfilza di belle donne giovani in esso, ma questo include anche un vecchio (40-50 -a-vecchia-attrice (non c'竪 biografia qui in IMDb) che 竪 straordinariamente attraente. Sto parlando di Shawn Huff che interpreta & quot; Susan Madden. & quot;


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